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You spend so much time teaching patients and their families to manage their own health. Far too often, your advice gets misinterpreted or lost in paperwork and busy schedules.

With Care Circles, you can reduce cost of care by enlisting the patients' own social network to care for them.

Join the Care Circles network today.

Increase Patient Engagement

Reduce the cost of care by encouraging patients to learn about and manage their own health.

Involve Family Caregivers

Improve healthcare outcomes and reduce readmissions by enlisting the help of patients' friends and families.

Promote Best Practices

Sponsor a private or public care guide with step-by-step instructions to manage specific conditions.

Monitor Patients Remotely

Combine patient-reported data with medical records to identify potential issues and take preventative action.

Track Real-World Outcomes

Accelerate scientific research with aggregated, anonymized data about care delivery in real-world conditions.